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Biopharma and Pathology Personas Study

Biopharma and Pathology Personas Study

Biopharma and Pathology Personas Study Background & Objectives  

The biopharma end client is a global provider of analytical instruments for laboratories and clinics with a particular focus on pharmaceutical and chemicals. The purpose of the discussion is to help the client better understand their customers, such as what is important to them, their challenges, and their day-to-day work environment. They wanted to understand and quantify eleven different customer “personas”, including IT specialists, Procurement, Laboratory Managers, COOs and Pathologists.


US/CA, EU (English + German ideally for IDI’s) and China.


Biopharma metholodogySample Source
  • Client lists for all 11 segments except Pathologists, where we had to free find & screen for specific usage (client is leader in the market).
  • Key issue is client cannot offer $$ incentives to anyone in the “Medical field”, so for that one group (Pathologists) they could not provide sample or in fact be mentioned as the sponsor.
  • For the other groups incentives can be offered or charity donations.
Target Groups
Biopharma target groups

The plan was to cover 25 per region i.e., US, Europe, and China but this was largely dependent on a number of factors:

  • The relationship between the end client and customer
  • The relationship between sales rep and customer
  • The availability of the customer
  • The quality of the list, contacts details etc.

The expectation was that China might prove to be the most difficult as similar studies in the past had proved due to that ‘distant’ relationship. On this study however, the exact opposite was experienced. Chinese respondents were more than helpful giving up their time and at times providing referrals to their peers as they found the study intriguing.

The US proved difficult, and fieldwork was rather drawn out due to availability of respondents and the European lists needed a lot of work which resulted in fieldwork running longer than expected with fewer ‘customers’ just not willing to participate.

Ideas and solutions were put in place to improve the situation, rewording invitations, offering timing outside of working hours which meant we managed to secure a representative sample for the European region. The client was extremely professional and patient throughout as it was a long fieldwork period, but all throughout the relationship was excellent, and project delivered successfully and to budget.

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