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Carbonated Drinks Study – Austria

Carbonated Drinks Study – Austria

Carbonated Drinks Study Background & Objectives

The end client, a global leader in the manufacture of carbonated drinks, needed to understand buyer behaviour of their products in Europe.  They wanted to undertake an exercise measuring shopper behaviour whereby respondents were asked to test virtual shopping categories as if they were in their usual store making purchases. The intention was to guide respondents to the left or the right end of a shopping aisle, observe shopping time and rotate starting positions. Austria was chosen as a representative sample.

Target Respondents











Carbonated drinks methodology





















On completion of the screener all respondents had to commit to a confidentiality agreement as information was naturally client sensitive. The study took on average twenty minutes for the respondents to evaluate their shopping experience. The participation rate was quite high, and all quotas / sub-quotas were met. We also managed to garner a representative spread by gender and geographical demographics.

Respondents were highly engaged throughout; we had very few QC fails as the study was interactive and fun. Indeed, the feedback from respondents was to “please send more surveys of a similar nature”. As a result, the client was very pleased with the final data.

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