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Global Laboratory Study


The global laboratory study end client is a global supplier of products for Research Labs – specifically Commercial Testing Facilities, Research Labs, CRO’s, and Academic Labs. The research primarily focussed on blood collection used by these organisations.

Global Laboratory Target Audience

To qualify for the research, respondents must have some responsibly in determining which tubes are used for samples. Ideally all respondents needed to conduct research into specific applications e.g., genomics. The targeting focussed on the following audience and facility:

Global lab study target audience















Methodology & Geographic Quotas

An online study focussing on the following regions in Tier 1 countries. The client did not require a set number per country but just a good spread across all.

Global lab study methodology










While the audience was quite niche, we had little or no problems reaching most of the respondents within the given roles. Some of the audiences in Asia while slow to respond prefer the anonymity of a panel than the full-blown telephone approach.

Feedback was positive as they were happy to participate in such a study where they recognise the significance of their input. The client was especially happy with the data collection as had struggled with such audiences in previous studies with other providers. The study took a little over four weeks to complete.

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