Independent Restaurant Tracking Study USA

Independent Restaurant Tracking Study USA


This was an independent restaurant tracking study with Owners and General Managers of independent restaurants in the USA looking at costs and their impact on operations. The study primarily focussed on quarterly sales but also levels of difficulty with supplies of various products lines. The study briefly touched on changes in the restaurant industry with respect to staff and customer retention also.

Independent Restaurant Tracking Target Audience

To qualify for the research, we needed to speak with Owners and General Managers of independent restaurants (single or chain) – but NOT to include franchisors of publicly owned companies. Respondents must be responsible for managing some, if not all, of the restaurant operations.


  • Quick-service / fast-food (40%)
  • Casual dining (40%)
  • Fine dining (20%)

Geo distribution

  • 40% South
  • 20% Midwest
  • 20% West
  • 20% Northeast

Methodology & Soft Quotas

An online / recruitment to web study in the US focussing on the following target quotas within the restaurant itself (taking into account the number of locations):

N=200 completes per quarter focussing on the following soft quotas

  • Number of locations
  • Number of covers
  • Average meal price
  • Restaurant type
  • No of staff kitchen / front of house

Due to recent trends in the industry many fundamentals had changed within the restaurant setting and screening had to be altered to ensure the correct audience was targeted following piloting.

The study ran for 18 months, and the client had the facility to monitor the data through analytic platforms provided by Dynamic Fieldwork. Further expert tracking analysis was also provided to add greater depth to the Insight. The study will recommence again in 2023 for a further 18-month period. Respondents were permitted to partake in the study for multiple waves.

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