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International Body Contouring Study

International Body Contouring Study

International Body Contouring Study

Background & Objectives

The end client is a leading international non-surgical aesthetic medical devices company. They provide solutions for a range of medical-aesthetic applications. The study objectives were to provide insightful, quantitative data with respect to practitioners’ behaviour as well as their attitude to all aspects of a range of body contouring treatments, to unveil unmet requirements and to enhance innovation.

Methodology, Geography and Key Channels

The current demand for such treatments is most significant in the US and China, and this is where the study focussed, with the following channels targeted. The US data was collected through online panels and in China a “Recruit to Web” approach was adopted utilising numerous sources including, but not limited to, medical directories, business directories and forums etc.

Key Channels

Body Contouring Key Channels











Target Audience

Body contouring target audience












Advanced Methodology/Analysis

The client wished to add value to research through statistical analysis and modelling. We were able to draw on a mix of tailored advanced analytical techniques. Along with experienced creative thinking, we helped the client garner the most value an insight from their project.  For this we adopted a Max Diff trade-off approach thus enabling us to reveal any hidden stories within the data.

This was superior to just asking people ‘on a 1-10 scale how important is……’ and more respondent friendly than ranking when you have a lot of items.   The approach showed the respondents multiple tasks. Each consisting of 4 or 5 items the respondent picked which is most ‘important’ and which is least ‘important’.  The results were more differentiated than using direct approaches and due to how it can be analysed the results could be adapted for different subgroups very easily.


We targeted personnel that had a role in the decision-making process and also those that used body contouring and skin tightening equipment on patients in a clinical setting. Logistically the study was reasonably straightforward. We managed to target a large number sample of respondents daily. We also succeeded in shortening the field time by pre-recruiting in China while awaiting pilot data approval from the client and also Mandarin translations.  Scripting and fielding the questionnaire was quick and efficient.

A wealth of quantitative data was obtained across several audiences with respect to pre/post-treatment, in 2 major markets. We delivered all components to the end client and it all helped to enable the client to predict expected industry trends, visions, plans for future innovation and improvements.

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