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International Credit Card Recruit

International Credit Card Recruit

International Credit Card Recruit Study

Background & Objectives

Recruitment for an International Credit Card provider in countries with a low penetration of their card to ascertain the drivers behind the selection rationale for business travel. The study was targeted towards respondents that made a significant number of international business trips per year, pre-Covid. The aim was also to introduce a new concept and gather opinions on new credit card technology.


Recruitment for 60 minute individual sessions via web conference. Participants needed to have access to a PC or laptop and a smart phone for us to be able to facilitate the session remotely via Zoom.


N=20 for 16 to show.

Target Respondents & Market
  • Mix of current client card members and prospective cardholders – Best Efforts Basis
  • Must travel internationally on a regular basis
  • Fluent English speakers
  • Technically savvy, including smartphone usage
  • Three options – countries in Latin America, Europe and Africa
  • Italy, Turkey, India, Peru & Ecuador (Added Philippines, Croatia, Brazil)
  • Set up – 1-2 days
  • Field – 2 Weeks
  • Delivery – 16 recruits

As we needed to ensure respondents had a good command of English, we asked a series of open questions to establish their willingness to be open and provide adequate feedback to the concepts. We subsequently opened up the quotas to Croatia (Europe), Brazil (Latin America) and the Philippines (Asia) to add greater depth to the study. We had one no show due to a technical issue, but we quickly re-recruited and interviewed. The client was delighted not only with the speed of the recruit, but also the quality of the respondents.

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