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Marketing Effectiveness Smartphone Study

Marketing Effectiveness Smartphone Study


Our client wanted to run a smartphone study in order to understand factors to be considered in the selection of smartphones, focusing on market effectiveness evaluation and the best way to engage consumers. They wanted to engage users from both an emotional and technical perspective.

Emotional user:

Encompassing the emotional values provided by a brand when purchasing smartphones. What are the key features i.e. style, attractiveness, specific appearances of a smartphone which motivate them when purchasing i.e. seeking an emotional benefit other than functional ones in a smartphone?

Tech Oriented User:

Consider functions more than brand when purchasing – advanced tech and sense of tech is the motivation of buying a smartphone – seeking functional benefit other than emotional ones in a smartphone, including tech features and specs.


4 FGDs (2 hours) in London, 6 people per group. All respondents are requested to have pertinent pictures prior to the groups.

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