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Ob-Gyn Study

Ob-Gyn Study


Ob-Gyn Study. The client – a leading manufacturer of medical devices, needed to assess the attitude and awareness of a product release. This was a follow up to a previous study with a similar target demographic. The aim was to track the usage of a device that treats and diagnoses ureteral abnormalities.

Target Audience

We needed to gather feedback from both a medical standpoint (the efficacy of the devices and practicalities of usage etc.) and also value for money from a hospital administration perspective.

  • OB/GYN Surgeons
  • Hospital Administrators
  • Independent Surgeons
  • Surgeons at hospital owned practices
Methodologies & Quotas

An online study using a dedicated long-standing partner with the ability to target respondents in different medical settings; both rural and urban populations across the main geographical regions.

Qualification Criteria

To qualify, participants must possess a combination of the following (dependant on their role within the hospital/private setting):

  • Heath care professional or Hospital administrator
  • Significant input into the decision-making process to procure medical devices
  • Worked in the role for more than three years
  • Perform five operative hysteroscopic procedures per month (pre -screened & HCPs only)

This was a blind study but the incidence amongst users of the clients’ equipment was relatively high. We also asked questions of those that did not use the clients’ devices / used competitors to garner feedback accordingly.

The study was completed in a little over 2 weeks and the data delivered in both Excel and SPSS. Data from the previous study was also attributed to the results to highlight changes in awareness and usage from initial receipt of the device.

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