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Project Rock Star Case Study

Project Rock Star Case Study

Project Rock Star Background

The end client is a world-renowned percussion company that have product lines from entry level to the highest professional drummers in the world. The purpose of Project Rock Star is to better understand usage, attitudes toward and purchasing drivers of primarily cymbals.

Two Stages

Qualitative depth interviews with professional drummers in the US who may be currently endorsing drums, cymbals or drumsticks

Quantitative – targeting cymbal players from a number of backgrounds, i.e. professional and amateur drummers, music teachers and directors and distributors

Methodology, Geography and Respondent Target Quota

Teachers of Percussion (private and in schools), Panel N=200 US, UK, France, Germany
Qualitative Depth Interviews with Professional Drummers – 10
Teachers of Percussion, CATI, N=50, CHINA
Drummers, CATI ,N=200, US, UK, France, Germany
Retailers, CATI, N=300, US, UK, France, Germany
Distributors, CATI, N=100,  US, UK, France, Germany (Rest Of World)

Target Audiences
  • Percussion retailers
  • Teachers/Directors of music departments
  • Percussion distributors
  • Amateur and professional Drummers in US, China, Europe

Qualitative: Targeting was key to ensure we attracted the most qualified respondents.

We used strict criteria to ensure we interviewed some of the world’s most in demand studio musicians boasting numerous Gold, Platinum and Grammy winning awards.

Quantitative: We initially targeted percussion distributors in the EU and US but the screening criteria

coupled with target audience being quite finite, we translated the questionnaire opened up to the rest of the world; respondents from New Zealand, Brazil, Russia in particular all eager to participate.

We received fantastic input and made some interesting discoveries along the way with respect to teaching left handed drummers, high hat preferences and drumming seat positions.

Fieldwork took just under 3 months to complete and the quality of the data collated was helped to create a very solid brand strategy for the client.

Please click below for the full case study:

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