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Prospective Optometrist Case Study

Prospective Optometrist Case Study

Prospective Optometrist Case Study


The end client, an educational body, wanted to explore the decision making processes around prospective optometrist’s choosing optometry as a profession and the steps involved when choosing an optometry school. The exact premise of the research was:

  • To gain better insight into the needs of students majoring in both medicine and natural sciences, i.e. biology, biochemistry, neurosciences etc.
  • For those that graduate and have an interest in optometry, would they consider going to optometry school to become an optometrist?
  • Provide feedback on their ideal optometry school

Online panel

It was not possible to target directly by optometry discipline so our aim was to target specific locations across the US. So we over targeted to ensure we could maximise the amount of responses, while focussing on those with an interest in optometry at a very low incidence.

Participant Profile & Quotas

N = 400 Student aged 21-25 across a number of demographics /disciplines

 Optometry profile














The respondent profile was very difficult to target. We reached out to a number of partners but alas nobody could target this audience as the incidence was just too low. So we had to put our thinking caps on and come up with some specific screening and panel manipulation to target the profiles by age, subject interest and graduation year, to try to hone in on our target audience. It took some time to reach our target, with some gradual tweaking to profiling as we went, but we did deliver on the completes and the data was excellent.

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