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Swimming Pool Retail Case Study

Swimming Pool Retail Case Study


The client – a leading manufacturer of disinfection products, specifically salt chlorinators used in swimming pools, developed a database of swimming pool retail stores throughout Europe based on an industry source. The purpose of the study was to better understand customers’ requirements for these products and trends they see in the market.

Target Audience

The target list was predominantly focused on the Spanish and French markets as follows:

Swimming pool retails study target audience









Methodology & Quotas

  • CATI study using client list, survey running at approximately 15 minutes
  • Small incentive as a thank you for participation
  • 80 completes in total (40 France, 40 Spain)
  • Local, National & Regional representation

Although the study had been run previously, there were a few inaccuracies/issues that needed addressing initially.

Primarily many of the contact companies had either closed down, changed business structure and or the contact details were not accurate. Also, due to the technical subject matter the client translations were a concern upon initial receipt of the questionnaire.

However, all such issues were managed by carefully piloting in both countries, supplying the client with requisite feedback after listening to the initial interviews. Working hand in hand with the client we established a free-flowing questionnaire understood by both interviewers and respondents alike. Initially we also worked up a rapport with some of the respondents that in turn helped to enhance the survey wording. All in all the study went very well and fieldwork took a little under two weeks to complete.

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