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UK Vape Study IHUT

UK Vape Study IHUT

UK Vape Study IHUT Background & Objectives  

The end client specialises in the “tobacco-based product” category, specifically in vape, e-cigarettes, and nicotine products (patches, gum, pouch products, etc.),  leveraging their success in the US by introducing new products in the UK.  They would like to determine how a new disposable e-cigarette will perform against current products in the UK. 


The vape study involved testing two different disposable vape products.  Respondents were asked to substitute their usual vape, e-cigarettes or regular cigarettes with these two products and record their responses accordingly.

  • After trying the first product, they were asked to complete an online survey to record their reactions.  This survey took about 15 minutes. 
  • After trying the second product, they logged back in to record their reactions and answer a few additional questions.  The second survey took about 20 minutes to complete. 

The whole process would ideally take place over 4 days (shipping dependent).  

Vape study methodologyTarget Respondents 

Vape study target respondents


Each respondent was initially screened online to check if they matched the profile to some degree. They were subsequently screened over the phone to further enhance that profile and indeed qualify the quality control  process. The instructions sent to the respondents to complete the study were reviewed multiple times. This ensured that respondents could concentrate on the task at hand  fully and were clear on it all. In the end we recruited 105 respondents in total (3*35 to allow for errors/failure to complete etc.). Of we only had 2 respondents that failed to fulfil their tasks. 

One problem we encountered was the shipping of the devices from overseas. We were well aware that there were issues with UK customs with imports and we provided as much information as possible to the client initially to ensure smooth transit. Unfortunately, there were still a few issues upon arrival, but we liaised accordingly with the authorities and supplied the requisite information for the release of all cargo. It caused a delay to the fieldwork, but all respondents were contacted, thanked for their patience, and understood when clarified. 

In the end both the client and end client were delighted not only with the speed of the recruit, but also the quality of the respondents and the data. It was their first overseas IHUT project and they hope to work with Dynamic Fieldwork again in the not too distant future.