Social Media Recruitment – Driving Change for International Data Collection

Social Media Recruitment – Driving Change for International Data Collection

So, I wasn’t really sure Social Media Recruitment was a methodology until recently. I have heard it mooted from time to time, but still had my doubts. Thoughts of an amalgam of data from Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn etc. just didn’t sit right. 

However, recently I was pleasantly surprised when I finally took the plunge! Now I find it a wonderful ‘extra’ to help target that hard-to-reach audience, even more so with B2B audiences whereby you can verify respondents on LinkedIn. 

In essence:  

  • Geographies become simpler
  • Language barriers are much easier to overcome 
  • Fieldwork time can be greatly reduced 
  • But most importantly, feasibility is greatly enhanced.  

Social Media Recruitment can certainly act as a facilitator to more traditional methods of Data Collection, allowing those hard-to-reach audiences to complete in their own time. Interest can be tweaked pretty easily targeting a predefined audience and often the incentive can be pretty low or even non-existent! 

As for targeting, we can hone in on a specific geographic area of a couple of mile radius and garner feedback on a new local attraction that just can’t be reached on a panel. Coupled with this the fieldwork period to complete large numbers can be shortened from weeks, to days or even hours.  

Social Media Recruitment is another ‘string to our bow’ when it comes to feasibility and delivers on quite a few levels, but most importantly integrity of the data. 

By Colm Russell, Managing Partner, Dynamic Fieldwork 

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